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Rural Villa in Sos del Rey Catolico

Coliseo, 8
Sos del Rey Católico
50680 Zaragoza.

Phone: 948888659 / 609 909 400

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Getting to Sos del Rey Católico

From Zaragoza
Take the A-68 motorway and leave at the Alagon exit for A-126 road towards Tauste. In Tauste take the A-127 road to Sos del Rey Católico.
Alternative route
Motorway to Huesca (N-330). In Zuera take the A-124, Ejea direction. From there take the A-127 to Sos.
From Huesca
Take the A-132 to Puente la Reina. Then take the N-240 to Liedena. Take the NA-127 towards Sangüesa and once there take the A-127 to Sos del Rey Catolico.
From Pamplona
Take the N-240 road to Liedena and turn to NA-127 to Sangüesa. Once there take the A-127 to Sos del Rey Catolico.

Map of Sos del Rey Católico